TRIECAllNational Post: How volunteering can help build ‘Canadian experience’

Nick Noorani

When Anita (not her real name) first moved from India to Canada, the marketing professional didn’t know what to expect. Even so, she never imagined finding a job in her field would be as difficult as it turned out to be. She was repeatedly turned down, because she “lacked Canadian experience.” To seek advice, Anita approached a settlement counsellor, who suggested volunteering as a good way to get that experience.

“Work for free? That’s not why I came to Canada,” she said.

But she decided to give it a chance, and began volunteering at the YMCA, working with new Canadians like herself. Now, three years later, Anita smiles at the memory of her original response. She remains an active volunteer with the YMCA — while heading up a leading-edge social media company at the same time.


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Reference: National Post

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