In July 2017, Starbucks became the latest high profile organization to join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership. As an internationally recognized brand with over 1,400 stores across Canada alone, they are an exciting addition to the employer partner community!

So what’s driving the world’s most famous coffeehouse chain to give their Toronto-based partners (employees) the chance to mentor a newcomer professional?

In fact, there are many reasons! Sara Presutto, Vice-President, Human Resources, shared why Starbucks wanted to partner in the program:

1. It aligns with their values

The Starbucks brand has strong associations with inclusion and giving back to the community. “We are a place of inclusion with a long history of respect for diversity. We foster an environment that is performance-driven through the lens of humanity – this is rooted in our Mission & Values – so initiatives like these really start from within for us. To do this, we need to have the right partnerships in place in the communities we’re a part of – where we can make the biggest impact.”

2. There is a business case

There is also a business case for implementing a program that will connect the company to more immigrant professionals. “We employ over 19,000 people in Canada. As we continue to grow our business and seek new talent, all segments of society will be able to find opportunity. New Canadians are a resilient and highly-talented group of people and are a valued addition to our teams as we seek to grow, innovate and represent the diverse communities where we do business. “

3. It fits with their existing hiring initiatives

“There is a growing need to support the successful integration of new Canadians and Starbucks is particularly well placed as we have programs that address hiring people who face challenges in finding employment.”

4. It’s a development opportunity

Starbucks partners can gain new skills through taking part in the program and becoming mentors. “This program provides our partners with a leadership development opportunity and allows them to be directly involved in bringing our mission and values to life. We contacted our partners directly asking for their participation. We have had an extremely positive response and held a meaningful first meeting between mentors and mentees.  Our partners’ passion for this program demonstrates their pride for the work we’re doing.”

5. They’re setting a leading example

In joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, Starbucks are paving the way for more GTA employers to do the same. Says Sara: “we hope our efforts will inspire others to act.”

“TRIEC is delighted to welcome Starbucks to our growing community of employer partners” says Margaret Eaton, Executive Director at TRIEC. “We’re proud to be partnering with an organization that already has a great track record of supporting newcomers and refugees and we’re sure this partnership will bring great success to the program”

If your organization would like to become an employer partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, please visit our Employer Partner page to find out more about what it involves, or email us to set up a time to talk –