TMPModuleImageWe are pleased to introduce four new interactive e-learning modules designed specifically for mentors with The Mentoring Partnership.  These short, self-paced resources offer an opportunity for personal and professional development as well as practical tips, tools and strategies to help mentors better support their mentee in their job search. 

There are four modules in the series:

Motivate your Mentee
Mentors can learn to recognize roadblocks mentees may face in their job search and identify their potential impact on the mentee’s motivation.

Produce Standout Resumes and Cover Letters
Mentors can learn about the common challenges that mentees may encounter when preparing their resume and cover letters and how they can help guide the mentees to prepare a standout job application.

Help your Mentee Master the Job Interview
Mentors can refresh their knowledge of typical interviewing practices in Canada and learn about common challenges mentees may face in the job interview.

Enrich your Mentee’s Networking Skills
Mentors can deepen their understanding of the value of networking skills to help their mentee uncover the hidden job market and identify common challenges that mentees may encounter when networking.

Mentors can start learning today!

The modules are hosted on the TRIEC Campus and can be accessed here. You will need to create a free account to login.

Learn more about The Mentoring Partnership’s professional development series for mentors.