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partnership stories_ScotiabankTo say Scotiabank has embraced The Mentoring Partnership is an understatement. Having joined the program in 2009, the bank has already surpassed the 500 mentor match milestone, meaning that over 500 skilled immigrants have been mentored by Scotiabank employees.

The reason that Scotiabank has been so enthusiastic in their participation in the program is because they see the benefits on three levels: for them as an employer, for their employees and for their community. As an employer, The Mentoring Partnership provides Scotiabank with a professional development opportunity for their employees, preparing them to lead and manage in Scotiabank’s diverse workforce. For example, 91 per cent of Scotiabank mentors report that they now better understand differences in workplace norms and expectations among different cultures and can communicate and work with colleagues from different cultures more effectively. Operating in more than 55 countries, this global mindset is critical for Scotiabank to help serve a diverse customer base.

For Scotiabank employees, volunteering as mentors is an opportunity to share their knowledge, give back and build on their skill set. “Scotiabank employees have a spirit of giving,” says Sujay Vardhmane, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at Scotiabank. “Within 20-30 minutes of sending out invitations for The Mentoring Partnership info sessions, they reach capacity. And it is consistent; it’s the spirit here. And while that spirit of giving may bring many of the employees to the program, once they join, they often find that they gain as much as they give.

“Our mentors often say that while they are there to motivate their mentees, they find it motivates them just as much,” says Sujay. To date, Scotiabank employees have mentored some 582 skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region. Of those mentored, 81 per cent found employment in their field within six months of their mentoring relationship. Those are numbers that we are all proud of and that reflect the impact The Mentoring Partnership can have on the economic health of the Toronto region.