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Find out how your organization can benefit from partnering with PINs.

Become a PINs Partner

Employer Partners

Are you looking for talent to add to your workforce?

Associations in the PINs program serve over 120,000+ members across a wide range of professions. Becoming a partner in the PINs program means you get the opportunity to connect with these members to raise awareness of your organization, and become an employer of choice for immigrant professionals.

Immigrant-serving agencies and other organizations

Do you want to promote your programs and services to immigrant professionals? Do you want to connect your clients to networking opportunities?

The PINs program offers organizations a platform to promote your programs and services to a wide pool of immigrant professionals. Joining an association also offers your clients opportunities to network and access resources shared by these associations.

What does TRIEC offer to Employer Partners?

  • Connect you to PINs leaders and associations
  • Introduce you to sector-specific working groups as needed
  • Invitations to networking events to connect with other associations and partners
  • Collaborate on networking events with associations to showcase available opportunities
  • Recruit PINs members for networking events
  • Share job postings as required
What do we expect from Employers?

  • Support PINs members in their job search by:
    • Including PINs network as source of talent in recruitment strategy
    • Sharing job postings with TRIEC for PINs members
    • Host information sessions for PINs members on available opportunities
    • Host networking events for PINs members
  • Connect with PINs associations and leaders to discuss collaboration opportunities
  • Attend networking events to connect with PINs leaders and partner organizations