New Canadians Videos

In 2017, PINs collaborated with New Canadians Web and TV show to produce four videos that demonstrate the different ways in which PINs associations and leaders have helped immigrant professionals connect with their careers in Canada. Scroll below and watch each video to learn more.

Building networks within their professional community can open an entirely new job market for newcomers. Find out how the Canadian Columbian Professional Association (CCPA) helps them create new professional contacts in Canada to find employment.

Leadership skills are important for professionals entering the Canadian workforce. We heard from three members of different PINs associations about how their experiences with these associations have led them to become stronger leaders and more confident with public speaking.

In this video, we take a closer look at three PINs associations that guide newcomers to meet other professionals and find employment. The Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada (AREC), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Persica Management and Quality Association (PMQA) are networks that use workshops, study groups and mentoring to teach newcomers how and why to network in Canada.

For many immigrant professionals, it’s important to know how you can transfer your skills and experience from one profession to another. Take a look at these three networks within the program that help newcomers prepare for registration exams in regulated professions such as the medical field or how to transfer their skills into alternative careers like entrepreneurship.