BMG Group

  • BMG Group is a social enterprise supporting all Canadians (new or existing) pursue their dreams in meeting all their needs by engaging with businesses, non-for-profit organizations and academic institutions.

Professional IT Occupational Network Inc.

  • PITON is a group helping IT professionals in their professional development. We do this through Networking, Knowledge Sharing/Update, Self-Branding and Exposure to opportunities.

Manyatta Network

  • Manyatta's vision is to bring together creative minds who seek to build an alternative professional network within the African Diaspora and build social capital one great connection at a time. 

Immigrant Writers Association

  • The Immigrant Writers Association provides programs, activities, and services that empower and support immigrant writers in their journeys. Our mission is to encourage immigrants to express themselves through writing, to bring more awareness, compassion, and peace into the world.

Institute for Creative Exchange

  • Through its programming, seminars, and workshops, the Institute for Creative Exchange provides a space for its members to explore the vast possibilities of creative expression. Our team of distinguished arts professionals brings members on a path of exploration of different art forms, cultural identities, and modes of thinking.