Networking group for new Immigrants in Canada

  • A networking group intended for new immigrants landed or soon to be landing in Canada. Canadian Job markets rely heavily on networking and referrals. Through this group we aim at […]

Success and Innovation

  • Success and Innovation is a not-for-profit, non-partisan group of young enthusiasts who have come together to reach out to international students and new immigrants with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition for them into Canada and the Canadian way of life. 

WINS Toronto

  • WINS Toronto is a community organization with the aim to promote diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities. We champion inclusive and equitable policies in the Canadian workforce.

Brilliant Minds Group

  • Brilliant Minds Group is a social enterprise supporting all Canadians (new or existing) pursue their dreams in meeting all their needs by engaging with businesses, non-for-profit organizations and academic institutions.

Professional IT Occupational Network Inc.

  • PITON is a group helping IT professionals in their professional development. We do this through Networking, Knowledge Sharing/Update, Self-Branding and Exposure to opportunities.