Manyatta Network

  • Manyatta's vision is to bring together creative minds who seek to build an alternative professional network within the African Diaspora and build social capital one great connection at a time. 

Philippine Teachers Association – Canada

  • PTAC is a volunteer-run, non-profit professional organization of Ontario residents who are former teachers and educators in the Philippines. PTAC is working towards professional certification and members include Ontario-licensed teachers in career transition or practicing in the Ontario.

Career Networking Club

  • Career Networking Club assists immigrants to obtain sustainable employment and advance at work. We host monthly networking sessions every 3rd Friday evening to network. A guest speaker is invited from outside or members of the club and is asked to share his/her expertise in networking and employment. 

Armenian Professional Society of Canada

  • The Armenian Professional Society of Canada is an organization of Canadian-Armenian professionals with a mission to support professional development in the Armenian Communities in Canada, and to reward exceptional professionalism and devotion to the Armenian Heritage through academic, educational and philanthropic endeavours

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