Business of Inclusion Podcast - Season One

Welcome to Business of Inclusion, a podcast by TRIEC. On the pod, we’ll bring you topics that affect the Greater Toronto region’s employers and its increasingly diverse workforce.


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Season One

Latest Episode

Episode Five – The Power of Storytelling


Our latest episode is a special feature with Camille Dundas, of, in conversation with Chidimma Eghagha, Communications Director, Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN), and Danielle Chen, President, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) Alumni Association Canada. Camille talks about her experience as a Black woman balancing a full-time job with being an entrepreneur, a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, and a mother of two. The three discuss the importance of sharing stories, and how they have the power to bring important issues to light.

Episode Four – Immigrants in the Healthcare Sector

Our latest episode features Dr. Flora Chungong-Choh, a clinical researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children, in conversation with host Jenny Okonkwo, founder of the Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN). Flora shares her experience moving from a career as a general practitioner in Nigeria to a clinical researcher in Canada. Her insights on the importance of flexibility, networking and most importantly keeping a positive outlook stand an as example, not just for her fellow international medical graduates, but for all those in regulated professions or who are looking at ways to pivot their careers.

Episode Three – Employment and Immigrant Mental Health

Our third episode features an encouraging conversation between the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Margaret Eaton and host Monamee Ishika of TRIEC. The two discuss what employers and employees can do to ensure the mental well-being of themselves and their colleagues, how immigrants can be best supported during this time and ways that we can all take care of ourselves during this challenging time.

Episode Two – Enhancing Intercultural Understanding at Work

On Business of Inclusion’s second episode you’ll hear a great discussion between Sabina Michael, Associate Director, Intercultural Skills Lab, Rotman School of Management and host Dr. Yilmaz Dinc, Research and Evaluation Manager, TRIEC. They discuss how cultural backgrounds play a major role in shaping immigrant professionals’ approach towards their work and their careers, and give advice for managers who lead diverse teams on how to best leverage immigrant talent.

Episode One – Uncovering Immigrant Underemployment

Listen to Business of Inclusion’s first episode as Deloitte economist Anita Shinde sits down with TRIEC’s Employer Relations Manager Raj Dam to discuss a recent report she headed up in cooperation with the Greater Toronto Aviation Authority on the issue of underemployment- when skilled people hold jobs that don’t reflect their education or expertise. In their conversation they dig into why immigrants, women and those in lower income brackets are disproportionately affected by underemployment and what stakeholders can do to make a change.


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