Business of Inclusion Podcast

The Business of Inclusion podcast kicks off with an engaging conversation between Anita Shinde, Senior Manager, Deloitte¸ and Founding Member of their Economic Advisory Practices in Canada, and host Raj Dam, Manager, Employer Relations, TRIEC.

In her role with Deloitte, Anita has headed a range of economic research projects, including a recent report released in collaboration with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA): Uncovering Underemployment: Tapping into the potential of our workforce.

Raj and Anita discuss the issue of underemployment- when skilled people do not occupy jobs that call on them to use the full breadth of their skills and education- and dig into why immigrants, women and those in lower income brackets are disproportionately affected. Their interview explores the reports findings, delves into some of the causes of underemployment and considers its impact on people from different demographics and sectors. During the course of the conversation, Raj and Anita both share their personal connections to the immigrant underemployment conundrum and leave listeners with recommendations on ways a range of stakeholders can take action to tackle the problem.

Listen to the episode: