Business of Inclusion Podcast

Check out Business of Inclusion’s second episode featuring Sabina Michael, Associate Director, Intercultural Skills Lab, Rotman School of Management¸ and host Yilmaz Dinc, Research and Evaluation Manager, TRIEC.

Immigrant professionals bring a lot of skills and experience to Canada’s workforce, but often, do not find meaningful employment or are unable to advance in their careers. Yilmaz and Sabina discuss some of the reasons behind this challenge, including the role that employers could play in easing the transition for immigrants in their new workplaces.

During the course of the conversation, Sabina also talks about how cultural backgrounds play a big role in shaping immigrant professionals’ approach towards their work and their careers. Sabina and Yilmaz also share their own journeys as newcomer job-seekers in Canada and how they adapted along the way. They also leave listeners with recommendations on how they can advance in their careers, or help immigrants excel in their workplace.

Listen to the episode: