Business of Inclusion Podcast - Season Two

Welcome to Business of Inclusion, a podcast by TRIEC. On the pod, we’ll bring you topics that affect the Greater Toronto region’s employers and its increasingly diverse workforce.


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Season Two

Latest Episode

Episode Seven – Championing Immigrant Inclusion in Organizations

Almost 50% of people living in the GTA were born outside of Canada, yet that number is not reflected in Executive positions in Toronto’s workplaces. In this season finale episode, Adwoa K. Buahene, CEO, TRIEC, spoke with Zahra Jadavji, Managing Director, Technology Health & Public Service, Canada and Managing Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Canada, about Accenture Canada’s inclusion initiatives, and best practices that other organizations can implement within their own workplaces and teams.

Episode Six – Role of ERGs in Immigrant Inclusion

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a vital role in helping an organization’s employees integrate into the workplace, learn about the organization culture, and build their networks. They can also be a vital resource for newcomers and/or immigrant professionals to connect with other professionals from the same background within the organization, or to showcase their abilities to their colleagues and managers. In this episode, Diane Williams-Tyrrell and Gail Strachan discusses their experience with ERGs and how they benefit an organization and their employees.

Episode Five – Impact of Mentoring on Immigrants’ Careers

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, we wanted to acknowledge the immense contribution of our mentors in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program who support immigrant professionals in building their careers in Canada. In the latest episode of the Business of Inclusion podcast, Dalia Farra speaks to one of our “super-mentors,” Iad Abdulrahman and his mentee, Khaled Abo Khair, about their mentoring journey, the benefits for both of them through the partnership, and why it can be so rewarding.

You can also find out more about the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program here –

Episode Four – Building Prosperity: Advancing Immigrants’ Careers to Benefit Everyone


Over the last 10 years, there has been significant improvement in meaningful employment outcomes for immigrant professionals as more and more people are finding jobs commensurate with their skills and talents. However, a gap still exists when it comes to immigrants advancing in their careers when compared to their Canadian-born counterparts. In our latest episode, Raj Dam and Vivian Li discuss the factors behind these gaps and why addressing it will benefit not just immigrants but Canadian economy as a whole.

You can also find out more about TRIEC’s Career Advancement for Immigrant Professionals (CAIP) program here –

Episode Three – Champions of Immigrant Inclusion


Presenting TRIEC’s 2021 award recipients Biju Misra, Daisy Vora, and Mazeena Rafi on the latest episode of the Business of Inclusion podcast! Listen to them share their inspiring journeys, stories of success, and insights and advice for newcomers and immigrant professionals to successfully build their careers in Canada. Check it out now. You can also click here to visit our YouTube channel and view stories of all our 2021 Award winners –

Episode Two – Building diversity and inclusion on Boards


Boards play a very important in both the Corporate and Nonprofit sectors, in setting the organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives, and providing strategic insight. However, while immigrant professionals make up almost 50% of Toronto’s workforce, less than half of those serve on an organization’s Board. The numbers are even lower for racialized immigrants and women of colour. On the second episode of Season Two of the Business of Inclusion podcast, we speak to Gautam Nath, Founder, Jobs in Canada, and Alisa Choi Darcy, Client Services and Account Director, AV Communications, about the importance of building diversity and inclusion on Boards, and what organizations can do to address this gap. They also discuss how joining a non-profit Board can be beneficial to immigrant professionals in their career.

Episode One – Setting up a Community of Practice to drive inclusion in your workplace


In our Season Premiere episode, hosted by Anna Kostecka, Senior Manager, Learning and Inclusive Workplaces, TRIEC, we welcomed Iren Koltermann, Managing Director, eCaliber Group, and Michael Kaneva, Chief Diversity Officer, Export Development Canada, to discuss TRIEC’s Community of Practice initiative – what it is, how it works, and how it can help drive inclusion in the workplace. Iren and Michael also give their insights on how you can set up your own Community of Practice in your organization.