Caledon Enterprise
November 7, 2008

Matthew Strader
Enterprise Staff

According to a release given by the Peel newcomer strategy group, recent immigrants in the Peel Region are ‘two-and-a-half times more likely to live in poverty than their Canadian-born counterparts.

The statistics come from a report entitled “Profile of the Peel Community”, and was part of a larger presentation given by the group at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

Danny Regliszyn, employment facilitator in the resource centre of Caledon Community Services attended the workshop.

“Let’s face it, we can certainly do more for our immigrants in the way of drop search and support services,” said Regilszyn.

The workshop was geared toward implementing diversity in organizations and brought forward statistics which clearly showed that with an increase in support services, an educated and ready workforce can be utilized more productively.

Some of the report’s highlights show that recent immigrants have a median income of $15,000 compared with a median income of $28,000 for the total population. Thirty-nine per cent of recent immigrants aged 24 to 65 have a university certificate, diploma or degree compared with only twenty-three per cent of the total population. The unemployment rate for recent immigrants aged 25 to 54 with university certificates, diplomas or degrees was 10 per cent compared with three per cent for the total population.

Speaking at the event Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion said, “Immigrants are the jewels in Mississauga’s crown bringing with them valuable knowledge and experience, and I commend the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group for their efforts to make their transition easier so that they may become contributing members of society. The goal for the future will be to ensure that our rich social fabric continues to be adorned with many beautiful, diverse threads.”

Regliszyn, along with the CCS are hoping to help make immigrantion a big, and welcome part of Caledon’s growth.

Reference: Caledon Enterprise