Research and insights

Building a Corporate Ladder for All 

 The Case for Advancing Immigrant Talent in the Greater Toronto Area

 Following our 2018 research to assess the state of immigrant employment, the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) wanted to look beyond the first job, to see how newcomers and immigrants are progressing in their careers in Canada. Specifically, we wanted to answer the following questions:

 Do immigrant professionals manage to climb the corporate career ladder smoothly? Do they reach executive and C-suite positions, or remain at lower levels within the organizational hierarchy?

 In Building a Corporate Ladder for All, we analyze the profiles of 659 executives from 69 organizations across the Greater Toronto Area to answer these questions. The report compiles insights as to how we got where we are, and recommendations from existing studies and expert interviews to determine how we’ll work together to build a corporate ladder that everyone in the region, including newcomers, can climb.