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Mentoring Newcomer Professionals – Evaluation

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership was part of an external evaluation funded by Employment and Social Development Canada that aimed to determine the impact of mentoring on the career success of newcomer mentees versus a control group, and the level of demand for mentoring as an intervention, within the Greater Toronto and in other cities across Canada.


The results are in: Mentoring enhances the job search skills and expands the networks of participants – ultimately, empowering them to find good quality jobs. TRIEC prepared a summary report based on the evaluation to disseminate the findings more widely. Check out the video below to learn more:

Mentoring benefits everyone involved

Benefits to job-ready newcomers 


 Newcomer professionals who participated in the program are:

• Around 2.5 times more likely to be in good quality jobs (full time, permanent jobs with benefits and opportunities for advancement)
• Almost 4x more likely to expand their network 
after three months of program completion than those who did not participate.
The program had the greatest impact on:
Female newcomers and those who are unemployed
Newcomers who accessed a wider variety of employment services prior to receiving mentoring support

Benefits to mentors (individuals)


Cross-cultural communication

81% improve their ability to communicate with colleagues from different cultures.


Coaching skills

67% report they have higher confidence in their ability to coach and mentor others. 


 Giving back

Mentors, many of whom are immigrants themselves, appreciate the opportunity to volunteer and give back.


Benefits to employers


 Skills upgradation for employees

Current employer partners see the program as a way to boost the cross-cultural communication and leadership skills of their employees. 


 Corporate social responsibility

Employers fulfill their social responsibility objectives through participating to the program.


 Attracting diverse talent

Employers attract diverse talent, including immigrants, through active participation.