Toronto, ON (June 8, 2018) – Congratulations to Premier-Elect Doug Ford and the newly elected Progressive Conservative government of Ontario. The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) looks forward to working with all of the newly and re-elected Members of the Ontario Legislature.

The province of Ontario – and more specifically the Greater Toronto Area – is proud of its great diversity. With a new government now set to take its seat at Queen’s Park, TRIEC is optimistic that in working together, we will share an aligned vision where Toronto and Ontario prosper by fully engaging the contributions of immigrant professionals. Continuing to work with various stakeholders in government, community agencies, and Canadian employers, TRIEC will uphold its mission to create and champion solutions to better integrate immigrant professionals in the Greater Toronto Area labour market.

TRIEC is poised to be a key partner with the government-elect in helping them deliver on their goals to ensure that economic success and high-quality of life is attainable for all Ontarians. We have a shared commitment to growing the economy long-term through talent, innovation, and entrepreneurism. TRIEC wants to see Ontario’s diverse communities equipped with the adequate skills and training opportunities to succeed in the workplace.

We believe that the government-elect and TRIEC can work together to leverage each other’s commitments in creating economic prosperity for all of Ontario. TRIEC’s view is that it takes everyone to build a prosperous Ontario. Nearly 30% of the 14 million people who call this province home are immigrants, and their economic success has a crucial role to play in the province’s future. Newcomer professionals’ knowledge and expertise can help fill the skills shortages that exist in the labour market. We believe that all immigrants should be given a chance to create and fill jobs.

“When the potential of new Canadians is not being realized, it costs all of us. Their entrepreneurial spirit and diverse perspectives will keep our economy growing,” said Margaret Eaton, Executive Director of TRIEC. “I look forward to working with the government-elect at Queen’s Park to see how we can help immigrant professionals connect to the job market and have Ontario open for business.”

TRIEC believes Ontario succeeds when everyone is given a chance to contribute to their full potential. The organization will continue its work to see that this happens so that we can all be prosperous together in the short and long term.



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Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) champions the talent and experience that immigrants bring to the Greater Toronto Area. We support organizations to become more inclusive, and help newcomers expand their professional networks and understand the local labour market. We collaborate with leaders and organizations to build a GTA where immigrant professionals can contribute to their fullest potential.