A child of Tibetan refugees living in India, Tenzin Ngodup came to Canada to become a contributing citizen and give his children more opportunities. Tenzin brought 10 years of experience as a medical practitioner, but could only find work in a factory. He began volunteering at Hincks DellCrest Centre and soon was hired on as a part-time research assistant.

In 2008, Tenzin was hired by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS), the foundation arm of the Toronto District School Board. TFSS had launched the Sprott Asset Management Gift of Sight and Sound program, designed to screen children in priority neighbourhoods for vision and/or hearing difficulties.

TFSS wanted international medical graduates (IMGs) to do the screening to help build trust with kids and parents. Initial accuracy rates were so high that IMGs currently manage and coordinate the whole program.

Tenzin is now the program manager, but still dreams of becoming a doctor. “TRIEC is doing important work by spreading awareness about immigrant talent and recognizing TFSS,” says Tenzin. “I hope that more employers are inspired by TFSS and will hire IMGs or other skilled immigrants into fruitful positions.”

In the meantime, Tenzin is thrilled to be doing meaningful work in the healthcare field, while gaining management experience.