DM_TRIEC_20Feb2016-27April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week in Canada, so we want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the wonderful volunteers who support skilled immigrants in their employment journey throughout the GTA, including:

  • Our 7000+ mentors, who share their knowledge of the Canadian job market with skilled immigrants who are looking for work; and
  • Our PINs leaders, who run professional associations dedicated to helping their fellow skilled immigrants with their job search.

Our volunteers are a crucial part of the way TRIEC makes change. Many of them are immigrants themselves, who have found work in Toronto, and want to help other people like them.

Learn more about why people volunteer to support skilled immigrants by reading some of their stories:

Did you know about the ways you can volunteer to support new Canadian immigrants? Want to find out more? Click on any of the links below for more information.

Become a mentor
Connect with a professional immigrant network