KITCHENER — Omkalthoum Khalafalla took a trip from her home in Breslau to Kitchener City Hall Thursday, hoping an audience with Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner would relieve some of her frustration.

Khalafalla, who moved to Canada from Sudan in 1998, wanted to ask the provincial advocate for foreign-trained workers why her British-educated husband, holder of a master’s degree in economics, has spent the better part of 15 years looking for work in his field.

Up until now he’s never held a job in Canada,” Khalafalla told Jean Augustine, a former Liberal member of Parliament charged with the task of advising 40 of Ontario’s professional regulatory bodies on how to accept more workers with foreign credentials.

As economics is not a regulated profession in Ontario, while professions like chartered accountancy, dentistry and architecture are, there wasn’t much Augustine could say to comfort her.

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