July 13, 2010

TRIEC firmly believes that Canada should keep the completion of the census long form mandatory and maintain its integral status as a public resource. We respectfully submit that the small percentage of the population opposed to completing the census is far outweighed by the many who stand to suffer if the data is not collected and analyzed properly.

Statisticians tell us that people who volunteer are not necessarily representative of the population as a whole. Aboriginal people, recent immigrants, and the poor are also less likely to fill in the long form.

TRIEC fears that the data generated going forward will not accurately capture the well-being of immigrants. The long form responses represent Canada’s best data on immigrant groups.

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TRIEC also urges the Government to carry out another longitudinal survey of immigrants, which underscores how well, or badly, newcomers are doing. As a country that relies on immigration for population and labour force growth, the health and well-being of immigrant groups determines how well we all do.

Reference: TRIEC