Request for Proposals – Embedding Success
Recruitment and Selection How-to HR Workshops

Embedding Success: Project Background
The Embedding Success: Supporting Employer and Institutional Change project will build on the success of previous workshop curriculum development and workshop delivery to train employers on how to analyze their existing recruitment, selection and integration processes through a cultural lens when considering skilled immigrant job candidates and how to identify systemic barriers and implement institutional change.

The planned Recruitment and Selection How-to HR workshops will focus on bringing about institutional change in two ways:

  1. By providing employers with practical learning on the cultural competencies required to be examine their existing HR policies and practices for any selection bias; and,
  2. By providing Ontario’s community colleges and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) with information to build their capacity as providers of cultural competency training to their employer networks and clients and to apply a cultural lens to the HR theory they teach to students and practitioners of HR practice.

Project components will include:

  • Providing workshops in partnership with The Colleges Integrating Immigrants to Employment (CIITE) and HRPA to build employers’ capacity to examine their existing HR policies and practices for any bias and to effectively recruit and select skilled immigrants into their organizations.
  • Working in partnership with organizations to permanently embed the delivery of this curriculum within their systems
    Reaching out to stakeholder organizations not yet fully engaged on this issue and offering them the opportunity to tailor the existing workshop curriculum to meet the specific needs of their constituents.
  • Facilitating 10 workshops to a group size of no more than 25 employers at each workshop.

The Embedding Success project is two years in length, i.e. August 2009 – July 2011.

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