TRIEC Immigrant Inclusion Summit

Coming together for immigrant inclusion

The TRIEC Immigrant Inclusion Summit brings together TRIEC’s partners and champions to reflect and celebrate shared achievements from the previous year and start conversations around immigrant employment and advancement.

Learning from the latest research and insights

Each year at the Summit, TRIEC shares its latest research findings with stakeholders and the public. Blending qualitative and quantitative research, TRIEC’s reports focus on ways of supporting the career success of immigrants and their inclusion in the labour market

Discussions that transform insights into action

Each year, the TRIEC invites leaders from distinguished leaders from academia, government and the corporate sector to take part in the Summit’s panel discussion. 2019’s expert panel “Building the Corporate Ladder Together: Recommendations for Advancing Immigrant Talent” included:

Francis D’Souza (MC), Managing Editor, CBC News (moderator)
John Bianchini, Chairman and CEO, Hatch
Omo Akintan, Chief People Officer, City of Toronto
Dr. Rupa Banerjee, Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Dr. Yilmaz Dinc, Research and Partnerships Specialist, TRIEC

Media coverage that gets the word out on inclusion

The TRIEC Immigrant Inclusion Summit and research reports have gained overage in a range of national and local media including: Huffington Post, Canadian HR Reporter, CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Community media coverage includes: OMNI TV News, CanadaBound Immigrant, Canadian Immigrant Magazine, New Canadian Media, Desi News Magazine.

Immigrants may have made progress reaching the first rung on their career ladder in Canada, but they are getting nowhere near the C-suites, a new report says.

Among the leading Greater Toronto Area employers across the public, private and non-profit sectors, only 6 per cent of executives — those at the level of vice-president or above — are immigrants, according to the study, “Building a Corporate Ladder for All,” to be released Thursday by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

While many immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area have made great strides in landing their first job in Canada, very few of them make it to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), shows that only six per cent of executive positions in the leading public, private and non-profit organizations are occupied by immigrants, despite the fact that they make up nearly half of the GTA population.

Toronto’s immigrants have made a lot of strides in the Canadian workplace, but when it comes to employment, earnings, and advancement, those who are women and people of colour are starting from behind.

In the last 15 years, thanks to efforts by government, the settlement sector, and employers, the unemployment gap between new Canadians and people born here has steadily decreased. But according to a new study by the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) entitled "Building a Corporate Ladder for All," 

Celebrating partners and collaborators

The Summit celebrates the achievements of community partners, employer collaborators, immigrant-led professional associations, and volunteer mentors, for their commitment to supporting newcomers

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