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Connector program pilot is now completed. Thank you to all who contributed to this program. We look forward to engaging with you in the future! Stay tuned.

employer_develop_your_hubWhy participate in Connector?
Networking is an essential way of progressing in your career. Many job opportunities are not widely advertised: instead, candidates find out about them via colleagues and associates.

By building a professional network, you can make new contacts and access ideas and opportunities to help you build a successful career. The Connector Program can help you tap into the network you didn’t know existed, but you should be connected to, in order to find opportunities in the Greater Toronto area.

The success of Connector comes from your willingness to establish new relationships and maintain contacts with other professionals and business leaders. It gives you the chance to engineer your own success.


Who can participate?
Have you immigrated to Canada within the last ten years? Do you want some help to realize your professional potential?

You could sign up for Connector if you:

  • Want to expand your professional networks and establish connections to help you develop your career in Canada
  • Have immigrated to Canada within the last ten years with international post-secondary education, and professional credentials
  • Have at least one year of international work experience within the last ten years in your area of expertise
  • Are eligible to work in Canada
  • Have the English skills required to perform effectively in the workplace
  • Are currently unemployed or working in a role that does not match your skills and education
  • Are highly motivated and are actively seeking meaningful work in your field of expertise
  • Are job ready (you have clear career goal and the skills, experience, credentials, and language abilities required to succeed in that job, plus a job search ready resume, interviewing skills, networking skills and a LinkedIn profile)


 Benefits for Participants

  • Access to successful professionals and business leaders with well-established professional networks in the GTA
  • Expanded and diversified professional network
  • Better understanding of the local job market and access to new opportunities
  • Improved networking skills
  • The opportunity to share your expertise and ideas

Participants are advised that the Connector Program is not a job search program. It is simply a tool to assist you in growing your professional network. You should not expect an offer of employment as a result of the informational interviews with the Connectors.


How do I become a Participant?
The Connector Program in GTA is currently in a pilot phase and registration is not open to the public. TRIEC is partnering with the following organizations to pilot the program in the GTA:

At the moment only candidates referred by our partners can be accepted to the program.

If you are interested in participating in Connector, please click here to leave your contact information, and we will let you know once places become available. If you have any questions, please email