The Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration will bring together business leaders, government officials and practitioners to address common issues related to immigration.


October 17-18, 2011


Ryerson University
The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Heaslip House

297 Victoria Street

This year’s roundtable discussion theme is: Exploring immigration-related issues affecting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To understand the current context of the SME labour market conditions
  • To explore effective strategies for SMEs to attract, hire, retain and integrate international talent
  • To improve awareness among SMEs regarding the tools, resources, and organizations available to them
  • To understand how immigration policies at the federal, provincial and municipal levels affect SME performance
  • To engage chambers of commerce, boards of trade and other business associations in collaborative approaches to connect SMEs with skilled immigrants.

Akash Mahajan, Manager, Corporate and Stakeholder Relations, York, will speak at the Who is Helping SMEs Attract, Hire, Retain, and Integrate International Talent? session. This session will present activities of organizations that are engaged in initiatives to support SMEs.

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