If you think mentoring only benefits inexperienced beginners you may be missing out. Mentoring can bring valuable insights and networks that can help you develop your career and make a real impact in someone’s life.

Some high profile leaders have recently talked about the benefits of giving and receiving mentorship. In a Globe and Mail piece, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, stressed how important mentors have been in his professional growth, and promoted mentorship as a powerful way to encourage success and integration.

We asked leaders from some of our top employer partners to share how mentoring has played a part in their own success and how The Mentoring Partnership allows them to pay it forward and expand their networks.

It brings people together as equals

“Throughout my career, I have had both formal and informal mentors who have certainly helped me progress both personally and professionally. These mentors have provided me with an external perspective on my skills and capabilities; they have encouraged me to apply for positions that I may not have considered; they have provided me with “stretch opportunities” and have served as members of my personal advisory committee when I had to make difficult and important decisions.

-Rosie Parnass, Executive Director, Organizational & Leadership Development and Work Life Support, at the University of Toronto
The UofT has reached 100 mentor matches with The Mentoring Partnership.

The benefits are reciprocal

“I have been very fortunate to have many strong mentors from across the firm throughout my 11 years at KPMG. It’s made me a more well-rounded professional and has taught me diverse skills and insights.”

-Kunal Verma, Senior Manager, Audit, Consumer and Industrial Markets at KPMG
KPMG has reached 500 mentor matches with The Mentoring Partnership.

It helps build cross-cultural communication skills

“Being part of The Mentoring Partnership from the onset has allowed me to grow as a leader at my organization. And through TRIEC, I have been able to bring resources on leadership and diversity to our Human Resources and Professional Development departments as well as the Seneca community in general. Being part of this initiative has developed my own communication skills and knowledge of diversity.”

-Amy Koning, Manager, Employment Services, Seneca
Seneca has reached 100 mentor matches with The Mentoring Partnership.

You can make a real difference

“Every position is an opportunity to learn new skills, build deeper relationships, and find the sponsors who not only provide you with the guidance you need, but will also showcase you within their own networks. As a Senior Consultant in Diversity & Inclusion, and once a newcomer myself, I am now making a difference and impacting newcomer inclusion at our bank by introducing programs like The Mentoring Partnership, and our International Professionals Network which helps with the integration of our newcomer team members into the workplace.”

-Shemina Khimji, Senior Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion at CIBC
CIBC has reached 1,000 mentor matches with The Mentoring Partnership.