Beginning April 17, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, TRIEC’s flagship program will be recognizing the contributions of its mentors, community partners and employer partners, in an eight-week long celebration.

Started in 2004, the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program matches newcomer professionals with established professionals in Canada (mentors) who are working in the same field as them. The program has proven to be very impactful in helping skilled immigrants transition into the GTA labour market in a timely manner and into good quality jobs. An independent evaluation has shown that participants are 2.5 times more likely to be in good quality jobs within 3 months of completing the program than newcomers who do not access mentoring, and are 4 times more likely to have established professional networks.

“We’re so grateful to our mentors, who give their valuable time helping newcomers find meaningful employment,“ said Gillian Mason, TRIEC’s Chief Executive Officer. “We know that in the last fiscal year ending March 2023, 78% of participants in the program found employment within 3 months of completing the program, and that demonstrates the critical role of our mentors in providing newcomers with the tools they need to succeed in the Canadian labour market.“

Since the start of the program in 2004, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership has over 12,000 mentors registered over the years, and had matched them with over 24,000 newcomers. Many of the mentors in the program were once mentees themselves, and decided to return and give back to the community. Several mentors have completed multiple partnerships, showing their passion and commitment in helping newcomers thrive.

Veronica Seeto – TMP Mentor with over 40 mentoring matches completed in the program

Among those who have completed multiple partnerships, Veronica Seeto and Sanjeev Ohri stand out, having mentored 40 and 20 newcomers in the program, respectively. “I have been very blessed by my life in Canada and firmly believe that as a community, we need to support each other to belong and thrive,” Veronica stated proudly. “Through mentoring, my personal action is a small step and contribution towards what can be a significant impact on the success and achievements of my mentees and their family.”

For Sanjeev, being a mentor has given him a lot of personal satisfaction. “You are helping someone, and you are also giving back to the community,“ he said. “It‘s a two-way learning process, not only do you help your mentee, but you also learn a lot from them. It is very much a win- win situation for both people.“ Both Veronica and Sanjeev, along with several other mentors, will be recognised during this period, for their immense contributions to the program.

Along with mentors, community partners and employer partners also play a critical role in the success of the program. Community partners and mentoring coaches work tirelessly to support mentors and mentees before, during, and after the partnership, to ensure smooth operation of the program.

“We are immensely grateful to our Community Partners and Referral Partners for their unwavering support to the program,” said Annie Singh, Senior Manager, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership. “Their dedication in helping newcomers navigate the job market and providing support throughout their mentorship journey has been instrumental in facilitating their successful integration into the workforce.”

Last, but not least, employer partners play a vital role in the recruitment of mentors to the program. Employer Champions and Coordinators spend a lot of their time promoting the program in their organizations, and encouraging employees to sign up as mentors. Their support and engagement is crucial to the program’s success, which is why some of them will be recognised for their accomplishments within the program.

TD, employer partner and founding partner of the program, has provided several mentors to the program, who have completed over 2,500 partnerships combined – a truly phenomenal achievement. “We are proud to be the first financial institution to have achieved over 2500 mentoring partnerships through the program,“ said Joanne Gracious, Human Resources Program Specialist, Inclusion and Diversity at TD. “Mentoring provides our TD colleagues with volunteer opportunities to develop their leadership and coaching skills, and enhances our committment to fostering a culture of inclusion by enriching our diverse communities.“

In addition to TD, the contributions of all employer partners are important to the success of the program, and the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership team is grateful to each and every one of them for their support.

For a full list of people and organizations being recognized, check out the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership website at You can also follow TRIEC’s social media channels on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram, for stories and updates. Click on the links to become a mentor or mentee in the program. For media inquiries and more information about the recognition celebration or the program, please contact Rohit Singh, Manager, Content and Public Relations, at

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is a program of TRIEC, a non-profit organization committed to building more inclusive workplaces and helping immigrants achieve their full potential in the canadian labour market. Since its inception in 2003, through its partnerships with employers, service providers and other stakeholders, TRIEC has helped newcomers find meaningful employment in the Toronto region.