Write To Your Candidates

The Canadian federal election is on Monday, October 21st, 2019

Are you a newcomer or a champion for the tremendous value immigrants bring to our workplaces and economy?

Do you want to engage your candidates on the importance of immigrant employment? 

If “Yes!”, TALK TO YOUR CANDIDATES about the underemployment of newcomer talent.

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Write to your candidates

If you prefer, you can write to your candidates’ emails addresses or campaign mailbox. If re-running, you can find your sitting MP’s constituency contact addresses using the link above. For others candidates, do a quick google search for their campaign websites to find their email and mailing addresses. If you need help, contact us below!

Tips before writing:

 Learn about your candidates! Once you’ve identified your candidates, find out more about who they are and why they are running. Visiting their campaign website is a great way to start. See you if you can find connections between you and them.

> Why did they decide to run?
> What are their positions on immigration and employment?
> Were they once a recent immigrant or refugee themselves?
> Is this their first time running for office?

 Be informed on the issue! If this is your first time engaging on the issue – not to worry! This one-pager is a start. Our research and insights page is also a great resource. You can also see each major party’s immigration platforms in the links below. By the end of your reading, formulate 2-3 key messages you want to share with your candidates. To help formulate your messaging, ask yourself why the success of immigrants – new and old – matter to you and the country. Why is it important for candidates to appreciate the importance of newcomer success in our city, region, and country? Make note of articles, success stories, and statistics that support your messages.

When you start writing…


 Introduce yourself and let them know you’re a constituent of their riding. Share a little bit about yourself that is relevant and may resonate to the issue at hand.

 Explain the reason for your writing.

 Share your 2-3 prepared key messages or concerns with your candidate. As a part of this, you may wish to share your personal experience as a newcomer, or your experiences with other immigrants. (It’s important however to stay focused on your key points and not go on tangents or express all your concerns at once!)

 Ask questions!

 Finally, if there is an ask or commitment to action you want to request of your candidate, you can express it to close the message.

Sample Letter – Feel free to ‘COPY and ‘PASTE’


I am writing as your constituent to bring your attention to an important election issue that I care about deeply – immigration.

We know that Canada needs immigrants to expand the workforce and grow our economy and yet my experience, and the experience of many people I know, is that too many newcomers are working in jobs that do not match their education, skills, and experience.

This underemployment has a high cost. When immigrants are not hired into positions that match their skills and expertise they make less personally and ultimately contribute less to our social safety net which negatively impacts all Canadians.

As a candidate I urge you to have a plan for helping businesses attract, hire and retain highly skilled newcomers in jobs that match their potential.

I would like to know:

     1. How will your party address the current trend of high underemployment rates of highly skilled immigrants?

     2. Can I count on you to be a champion for immigrants in our riding?

     3. If so, how can I support you?

I hope to hear back from you soon.



What are parties saying about immigration?

If you have questions or need further support, please contact:

Daniel Kim, Specialist, Communications and Media Relations