Zinnia Bookwala

Zinnia Bookwala is a licensed Interior Designer with over 12+ years experience in commercial and retail projects spanning Canada, GCC and India. After a fulfilling 4-year journey at Bullock+Wood Design Inc., Toronto, Zinnia is now all set to join Interior Architects (IA).

Having migrated to Canada in 2018, Zinnia is passionate about helping young individuals like herself settle in and seamlessly integrate into the Canadian way of life and embark on a promising career path.

Zinnia connected with TRIEC as new immigrant, seeking post settlement help and then joined TRIEC to offer mentorship, assistance and support to aspiring Interior Design professionals in their employment journey through insights about the local industry, work culture & local licensing requirements.

Zinnia also manages  various groups for immigrants across several social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram

As a PINs Advisory Board member for TRIEC, Zinnia is now responsible for providing strategic direction to the PINs team on supporting PINs associations and partner organizations, identifying emerging sector trends of significance to enhance the work of PINs, and help PINs Associations connect immigrants to pre-arrival services to help them to be better prepared for job search upon their arrival in Canada.

Work and volunteering apart, Zinnia leads a vibrant and dynamic life filled with creative pursuits ranging from hiking; computing, arts & crafts and calligraphy.